Catch the world's most expensive Tuna! (AOMORI)

Watch a fierce battle of man vs. fish in Oma, Japan's tuna paradise!

Oma City is located on the northern tip of Shimokita Peninsula on Japan's main island, overlooking the Tsugaru Strait. The waters off Oma are world-famous fishing grounds for catching the elusive yet highly-sought after Oma-Tuna. Oma tuna (or pacific bluefin tuna) are also known as 'black diamonds', as just one of these beauties can earn a fisherman a very tidy sum at market. Particularly during the first auction of the year, Oma Tuna have been known to sell for prices exceeding 333 million yen!! Whilst these exorbitant prices are mostly due to the incredibly high quality and size (usually between 200~300kg!) of the fish, it is also due in part to the incredible skill involved in catching one, with most tuna fishermen opting for the 'ippon-tsuri' or pole-fishing method. Catching a giant tuna with just one pole is no easy feat, often resulting in an hours-long battle between man and fish!

This experience package allows tuna lovers the chance to board a local tuna fishing boat in Oma with an experienced tuna fisherman, who will give commentary as those on board try their luck at catching some black diamond! If you are lucky, you can witness a huge tuna being caught right in front of your eyes! Although it can’t be guaranteed that one will be caught on the day, it is 100% guaranteed that you will be able to taste some of the best tuna in all of Japan!

Tour availability: Available by request every day between August to mid-October (excluding 13-15 August)

Hours: Tours depart either at 10:00~ or 13:00~ (may vary with season). Tour takes between 2~3 hours.

Capacity: 1~10 persons

Reservations: At least 7 days before tour date.



By car: 5 min drive from Oma Ferry Terminal or 60 mins from Shimokita Station.

By bus: 100 mins from Shimokita Station → Hiyoricho → 5 min walk to Oma Port.

Address (meeting place): Oma Port, nearby Oma Fisherman’s Association (59 Shitatemichi, Oma, Oma-machi)



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