Hirosaki Apple Park

The Fuji apple wasn’t named after Mount Fuji. Rather, it’s named after the place where it was created - Fujisaki, Aomori in Tōhoku. And Aomori is known to be the best apple growing region in Japan.

So, of course, my inner kiasu Singaporean was chuffed to have my first apple-picking experience at the best-known place to grow apples.

We picked our apples at Hirosaki Apple Park, home to 1,300 apple trees and 65 apple varieties. It’s pretty much an apple wonderland; here you can find tons of apple-related products, and the cafe even has apple curry and apple soft serve ice cream.

Hirosaki Apple Park

Price: No admission fee, only a charge of 200 Yen (~S$2.46) per kg of apples picked

Address: 125 Terasawa, Shimizutomita, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8262

Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM (Picking season is only available from August to Mid-November)

How to get there:

From JR Hirosaki Station,, take the Konan Bus towards Tokiwazaka Entrance Bus Stop (20 minutes).

It is about 7 minutes' walk to Hirosaki Apple Park.

Article by TheSmartLocal.com


Address: Hirosaki Apple Park
Website: http://www.city.hirosaki.aomori.jp/ringopark/index.html
Phone: 0172-36-7439