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Take a Panoramic Cable Car Ride Down to Open-Air Baths Tucked Away in the Remote Iya Valley

A Therapeutic Soak Surrounded by Nature in Tokushima

In the far-flung mountains of western Tokushima Prefecture lies the mysterious Iya Valley, a secluded region that is home to dramatic mountain landscapes, misty mornings, a gorgeous pristine gorge and old vine bridges. 

The Secluded Old-World Charm of Iya Valley

Located in the heart of Shikoku Island, the stunning Iya is surrounded by steep mountain slopes and deep rocky gorges, connected to the outside world only by a winding mountain road.

During the end of the Heian Period, members of the Taira Clan escaped to this region after losing the Gempei War. Today, after hundreds of years, their descendants can still be found living in small mountain villages that dot the valley.

One of the top attractions of Iya Valley is the vine bridge that was built in ancient times by local valley dwellers to cross rivers. Constructed using vines harvested from the mountains themselves, these historical vine bridges were once common around the region and essential to daily life. 

The Iya Vine Bridge and the Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge, which have two bridges called the male and female bridges, remain today, and offer a fascinating insight into how people lived here in the past.

Soak Up the Goodness of Nature at Hotel Iyaonsen

Surrounded by lush forests and fresh mountain air, Hotel Iyaonsen is a real treat for the senses. 

It offers elegant rooms with breathtaking views, delicious meals made from seasonal local ingredients, open-air baths fed with hot spring water straight from the source and unparalleled tranquillity.

It also has a renovated terrace overlooking the spectacular mountains of Iya Valley. 

Due to the unique geography of its location, the facilities at Hotel Iyaonsen are interestingly situated at separate locations. The hotel is perched high up on the mountains overlooking the beautiful Iya Valley and their open-air baths are located at the base of the Iya Valley, which can only be reached by taking a cable car!

Open to both hotel guests and day-use guests, the outdoor baths built along the Iya River feature free-flowing hot spring water that gushes out directly from the source. 

Guests can also relax at the lounge area set up right on the river bank and listen to the peaceful sounds of nature.

Nourish your body with delectable Iya cuisine made using the freshest local ingredients. One popular choice is the Iya Special Kaiseki course that features the famed Tokushima Awa wagyu beef and seasonal mountain vegetables.

Hotel Iyaonsen offers 20 charming Japanese-style rooms with modern touches and amenities. Immerse yourself in the hotel’s newly renovated indoor bath, spruced up especially to welcome guests from overseas.

Choose from rooms with a moon-viewing terrace or your own private open-air bath, or indulge in the suite room that comes with a magnificent panoramic view of the entire valley.


Hotel Iya Onsen
Address: 367-28 Matsuo Matumoto, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, 778-0165 Japan
Website: https://www.iyaonsen.co.jp/en/ 



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