Okayama Korakuen

~300 Years Of History~

With a spectacular landscape garden that is representative of Japan, Korakuen is considered one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It provides a space of healing which allows you to immerse in the peace within your heart while strolling leisurely on the spacious grounds amid ponds, artificial mountains, and flora and fauna.

◆Spectacular garden which has been recognized as one of the three great gardens of Japan with a three-star rating by Michelin Green Guide Japan

Korakuen was built by the local feudal lord about 300 years ago and was almost completed after 14 years of construction. The design and area of the garden were then changed and increased several times according to the liking of the feudal lord and social situation in every era to reach its present state today. The history of Korakuen can be found through all these changes that were made in the landscape over a period of about 300 years in this way. As a garden with spectacular scenery and history, Korakuen is recognized as one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan and is designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty by the country. It is also awarded the highest possible rating of three-stars by Michelin Green Guide Japan. This is a beautiful garden that Japan is proud to show to the world.

◆Main attractions in Korakuen

Sitting on a spacious plot of land with an area of about 13 hectares, Korakuen is a circuit style garden designed to allow visitors to appreciate the changing scenery as they stroll through the garden. It has an open style design that is not commonly found in Japanese gardens, and the pond, artificial mountains, and pavilions are all connected by garden paths and waterways.

The garden is surrounded by gorgeous plum, cherry, and various azalea blossoms during spring, and tea ceremonies as well as tea-picking festivals are held depending on the season. You can enjoy the beautiful colours of iris and lotus in the summer, and also the 300 maple trees that are planted in the garden in autumn.

It is an early spring tradition in Korakuen to burn lawns, trees, and pine at the end of winter in February to get rid of pests and encourage new growth.

The “Fantasy Garden” event is a popular event with special late-night openings where the garden is lit up gracefully, and is held for a limited time during spring, summer, and autumn. Enjoy the amazing night view that contrasts greatly from the scenery in the daytime. There are also guides available (at a fee) in English, Korean, and Chinese.


Address: 1-5 Korakuen, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama Prefecture
Website: http://okayama-korakuen.jp/english/
Phone: 086-272-1148




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