~Storied Japanese Landscape~

Tomonoura is a port town located at the southern tip of Numakuma Peninsula in the Tomo area in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and gained much fame as the place where Director Hayao Miyazaki conceived the idea for “Ponyo”.It is also famous as a film and drama location, and visitors can enjoy the scenic streets along with the untouched nature over there.

◆Main attraction: Good old-fashioned streets from the Edo period

Tomonoura is the only place in Japan where the five port facilities of joya-to (all-night street lamp), gangi (stair-like landing area), hatoba (wharf), tadeba (old dock) and funa-bansho (old coast guard station) remain almost completely intact.After taking a stroll while enjoying the passing of time with the plaster walls and cobblestone streets, it is recommended that you take a break in Tomonoura@cafe in front of joya-to, which is the first symbol of Tomonoura, while watching the sunset into the horizon.

◆Sensui island – A power spot where untouched nature remains

Sensui Island – a paradise located five minutes away from the Tomonoura port by boat.You can take a short walk on the promenade that stretches from the west to the south of the island. There are five colors of black, red, blue, yellow, and white rock formations along the external periphery of the promenade which stretches on for 5 – 6 km. This ‘Five-Colored Rock” is said to contain various powers and gathers the energy of heaven and earth. You may feel yourself gain more energy and discover a new self when you visit this place.


Address: Tomochotomo, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
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