Paddle in the ocean

Sea Kayak in Okinawa

Okinawa is a popular destination for its sun, sand, and sea – and it is a perfect place for sea kayaking. There are hundreds of different spots where you can just rent a kayak and start exploring. It is incredibly easy, safe, and family-friendly as children can ride in their parents' boats. 

While you can rent sea kayaks at many beach resorts dotted around Okinawa, some places are famous for their unique attractions. In the northern region of Okinawa island, you can kayak around the beautiful coastline of Yanbaru National Park where you can choose adventurous tours that take you from the mangroves out into the Pacific Ocean on longer itineraries ranging up to five hours.

The Ishigaki-Iriomote National Park is another great kayaking destination, with its coral reefs, sea caves, and mangroves. On Ishigaki island, you can kayak around Kabira Bay with its famous Blue Cave where you can eat lunch on a secluded beach and go snorkelling right from your kayak. 

Nearby Iriomote Island, a kayaking trip around Uchihanare Island lets you explore the ocean where you have a chance of catching sights of sea turtles, as well as observing the mangrove-lined river the island is famous for.

For more information on kayak tours, visit Official Okinawa Travel Guide.



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