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Travel Logs Toyama Bay Cycling Route


The Toyama Bay Cycling Route connects Toyama Bay, located roughly in the center of the Hokuriku region, from one end to the other. In this article, a cycling guide in Toyama shares what makes this route so unique


As you ride along the open bicycle path overlooking the Sea of Japan, you will see the 3000-meter-high alps across the sea. Turn off the road a little, and you will find a vast nostalgia-inducing landscape made up of peaceful rice paddies and countryside, where you can get an up-close look at how the local people live. Fresh seafood caught by local fishermen, much-loved regional cuisine, clean natural water that gushes up at various spots around town, and abundant hot springs are sure to soothe the body and soul of cyclists after a hard day's ride. It's here where you will start your cycling trip in Toyama, a prefecture with so many unique things to experience!




Naoko Takahashi

Representative of Happy Cycling, Cycling coordinator, organizer and planner of cycling tours, and a member of the Toyama Prefecture Cycling Promotion Committee from its founding. Involved in many cycling-related projects including discussions that led to the Toyama Bay Cycling Course being recognized as a National Cycle Route. Served as a cycling guide for Toyama Prefecture's publicly advertised cycle tourism project.


HAPPY CYCLING (Japanese Only)




Departing from Himi, one of the route's main stops, head east along the coast. Rental bikes are available at the Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center, not far from Himi Fishing Port. Hybrid bikes can be rented for 500 yen per day without a reservation, so even those who don't have their own bike can try cycling!




After riding for a while, you will come across Himi's Shimao Beach. Here, a cycling route runs along the sandy shore, giving you the rare opportunity to experience riding along the edge of the waves. In addition, the view of the Tateyama mountain range is truly spectacular!




Further on, you will see Michi no Eki Amaharashi, a roadside station renowned for its magnificent view. The view of the cliffs towering above the sea and the Tateyama Mountain Range is breathtaking. Furthermore, on early autumn and winter mornings, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Kearashi, a rare natural phenomenon where the cold air from the land is pulled into the ocean.




Running along the seaside road with the Himi Line! The retro orange body of the train looks great against the blue sea and sky.




Uchikawa area, which runs from the coast along the canal, is sometimes referred to as the "Venice of Japan" for its retro and beautiful streetscape. Fishing boats are moored along both canal banks, giving the area the historic and charming atmosphere of a fishing town.




Take a short break at Kaiwomaru Park, an expansive recreational spot centered around the pure white sailing ship Kaiwomaru, known as the "Lady of the Sea." Events related to the sea and ships are also held here. Remember to take a commemorative photo!




Shinminato Ohashi Bridge, which can be viewed from the plaza of Kaiwomaru Park, is the largest cable-stayed bridge on the Sea of Japan side with a total length of 3,600 meters. The view of the massive bridge with the Tateyama Mountain range in the background is a magnet for photography enthusiasts. So please be sure to take pictures of this too.




From the Ainokaze Promenade, which runs along the lower level of the Shinminato Bridge, you can enjoy the view of Toyama Bay, the Imizu plains, and Toyama New Port, where ships pass by. This is a pedestrian-only walkway, so bicycles must be pushed.




Toyama prefectural ferry operates approximately every 30 minutes and is free to ride. This mode of transportation is popular among cyclists as you can board the boat with your bike. The Shinminato Ohashi Bridge, seen from the ferry deck, is a sight to behold!




Along the cycling route, many cycle stations and other rest spots can be found. At locations with signs marked "Cycle Cafe", visitors can borrow tools and use bike racks. For details, please refer to the map on the official website.







Riding your bicycle further east from Kaiwomaru Park and as you approach the area near the mouth of the Jinzu River in Toyama City, you will see the old townscape of Iwase, a port town that prospered as a port of call for Kitamaebune merchant ships. Simply touring around by bike is enough to take you back in time. There is also a sake brewery where you can taste delicious sake, so staying overnight in this area is also recommended!




Further east, you will see the Hamakurosaki Pine Forest, which stretches about 8 kilometers along the Toyama-Uozu prefectural road. These trees were planted in the past to protect people from sea winds and salt damage. They serve as a rare reminder of the pine tree-lined highways of the Edo period.




Next, take a break at the Hotaruika Museum in Namerikawa City. On the rooftop deck overlooking the Sea of Japan, you can enjoy a deep sea water footbath, perfect for soothing tired legs from cycling! You can also observe firefly squid fishing in the Nameri River.




Nearby you will find Shinkiro (Mirage) Road, which runs from north to south along the coastline of Uozu City. It was named after a mirage that appears when weather conditions are right. Uozu has many delicious sushi restaurants further inland, and a relaxing stay here is a must!




As you approach Kurobe City, you can rehydrate with spring water from Ishidahama Pocket Park. The eastern part of Toyama has abundant spring water, which is excellent for cyclists. The water here is icy cold, making it a welcome refreshment, particularly in summer.




Toyama is also known for its delicious fish. Hokuyo no Yakata, near Ikuji Beach, used to be a seafood wholesaler, and the dried fish set meal is a local favorite. The women of this seaside town are very energetic, and the restaurant is always lively!




Turn inland from the coastal route, and you will find a typical countryside landscape. Here you can see tulip fields lining the cycling route in Nyuzen Town. The main attraction of the Toyama Bay Cycling Route is that you can enjoy views of the sea, mountains, and countryside simultaneously.




This brings you to Hisui Terrace, located near Hisui Beach in Asahimachi. Many cyclists make this place their final destination, as it is equipped with shower rooms and toilets, and you can also change your clothes.




Watch the beautiful sunset on Hisui Beach, which stretches in front of Hisui Terrace. There are many hot spring inns and excellent eateries near the beach, so you might as well stay the night, wake up early, and go out searching for jade!



The Toyama Bay Cycling Route covers a wide area, and there are many sights to see, from the sea and mountains to the rural landscape of countryside villages. Given all this, staying for an extended period is recommended while allowing yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the ride. There are ample cycling stations, roadside stops, hot springs, and restaurants, so even first-time riders can easily enjoy a long ride.


So why not take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life and set out on a cycling trip to discover the wonders of Toyama while enjoying the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and delicious food?



When to go

April to November



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Road conditions

Major cycling routes have well-maintained road signs, allowing you to enjoy cycling in safety and comfort.






Cycle Stations


Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) Amaharashi

With a magnificent ocean view of the Tateyama Mountain Range spread out before your eyes, this roadside station is known for its spectacular scenery. It is equipped with a bike rack, restroom, and a rest area and lends out tools and bicycle pumps. You can also enjoy a meal at the cafe.

24-74, Ota, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken
https://michinoeki-amaharashi.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Check here for information on other cycle stations.




Toyama Bay Cycling Route (Toyama Cycle Navi)

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