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Kanagawa's Gourmet Specialties

The Gourmet Specialties of Kanagawa's Miura Peninsula


Two hours away from central Tokyo, Kanagawa's Miura Peninsula is home to the famous Hayama and Jogasaki diving spots. The area has a subtropical climate, which produces delicious, high-quality ingredients including meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and sake.


Hayama Beef


Hayama's Wagyu cattle are raised on small ranches that dot the picturesque landscape. Their high-tech, PH-balanced diet combines rice, oats, hay, and okara (soy pulp). The result is meltingly tender, intensely marbled meat with a reputation for a delicious sweetness.




Matsuura Mackerel


From October to December, the waters surrounding Miura's fishing ports are rich with Matsuura mackerel. This autumnal delicacy is beloved for its tightly packed flesh and shimmering, golden body.






The 13 Sake breweries located in the Kanagawa Prefecture all put effort into preserving the traditional ways of Japanese sake brewing. Made using water from the Sagami and Sakawa Rivers, both flowing from the Tanzawa Mountains, their exquisite sake pairs well with a variety of cuisine.



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