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Diving Destination Ehime Prefecture Gateway to the Seto Inland Sea

About Ehime

It is a prefecture in northwestern Shikoku.Located in the northwestern part of Shikoku, it has Seto Inland Sea to the north and is surrounded by Kagawa and Tokushima in the east and Kchi prefecture.
7% of the area was designated as Natural Parks,such as the Ashizuri-Uwakai and Setonaikai National Parks; Ishizuchi Quasi-National Park and seven Prefectural Natural Parks.


Full of marine life, a popular diving destination in Ehime


Situated in the Southern part of Ehime prefecture, it has both the Saw tooth seashore typical of Japan and also the white sand beach stretching about 300m. Underwater, there is a large colony of Stony corals(Scleractinia) and many man made underwater fishing reefs with many marine life. Also due to it's geological location, the waters are dive able even during the bad weather of winter.





Underwater Coral garden in Ehime


Tsushima has been famous for it's cultivation of pearls. It is located on the Shikoku Island facing Kyushu Oita prefecture over the Bungo Channel. It is a boat diving location and very popular due to the colony of beautiful tab






Located on the southern tip of Ehime prefecture, Ocean of Ainan was designated as the first underwater park in Japan. It hosts variety of marine life, once counted to 849 species of fish (1/4 of all fish seen in the Japanese waters). It is a popular diving area due to the beautiful hard and soft corals also seen abundant here.

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