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Golfing Japan's Golden Route Fukuoka &Hyogo

Teeing it up at Fukuoka's Golfing Gems and Indulging in Seafood Feasts

Fukuoka offers a wide range of superbly designed and maintained golf courses. Its cultural significance and top-tier culinary scene also make it a comprehensive travel experience, and the perfect place to begin our journey. So let's go!

The Classic Golf Club


No. 7 on the King's Course


The Classic Golf Club hosts the annual Toyota Cup Open. Its spacious layout offers a thrilling challenge and showcases diverse landscapes such as downhill tee shots, doglegs, extensive water hazards, and bunkers. Amid flawlessly fast greens, it ensures an exhilarating and enduring golfing experience.


Hole No. 2, King's Course


Hole No.9, Queen's Course


This classic par 4 hole features a continuous water feature along the left side and a mature forest on the right. Control of your game is essential for both tee shot and approach, as bunkers are strategically placed around the green to gather errant shots.



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The Classic Golf Club




* This would be a great course to start a golf safari in Japan, as it is not too difficult to play and one can gain confidence. (K.P. / Switzerland)

* This course had a very simple layout, where good shots were rewarded, and it wasn't overly long. (O.C. / USA)



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Sightseeing by Boat on the River Yanagawa


A timeless scenic boat tour


Embark on a serene boat tour along Japan's historic Yanagawa river system and connecting moats—a captivating journey delving into the city's rich feudal heritage.



Hakata Hatanaka - Japanese Kaiseki Dining


Kaiseki set; brimming with flavors


Experience a warm and inviting traditional restaurant offering Japanese Kaiseki cuisine tailored to each season. Every ingredient is meticulously sourced locally and prepared with exquisite Japanese precision and artistry. The result is authentic and delicious.



Hakata Hyakunen-gura


Sake tasting at the brewery


Visit the sole surviving sake brewery in Hakata, preserving traditional brewing techniques since the Meiji era. Sample and purchase signature sakes like Ginjo Josui, crafted through meticulous low-temperature fermentation and culminating in a flawless finish.



Visit Nakasu Street’s Open-Air Food Stands


Exploring Fukuoka's yatai


This is the quintessential way to savor Fukuoka’s signature soulful cuisine. Outdoor dining provides a vibrant ambiance, offering the delight of proximity to chefs and fellow patrons. Indulge in classics such as tonkotsu ramen, yakitori, and gyoza, to name but a few.



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Hyogo Golf & Kobe Beef

Hyogo Prefecture stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its neighboring prefectures of Kyoto and Osaka and should be added to any Kansai itinerary. Its captivating golf courses make it a destination in itself. However, the high-end cuisine, particularly beef, elevates the experience to an entirely different level!

Arima Royal Golf Club


Teeing off at the Royal Golf Club


The Royal Course, designed by Japanese legend Osamu Ueda, stands as one of the most esteemed courses in the Kansai region. Sporting raised greens, Alison-inspired deep bunkering, and impeccable routing, it is renowned for its striking beauty and as an ultimate test for golfers.


Royal Course, No. 6, par 3


Royal Course, No. 1, par 5


Royal Course, No. 17, par 3


Clubhouse entrance


Clubhouse restaurant


Rich in nostalgic history, the clubhouse exudes grandeur yet maintains an inviting atmosphere. Its well-appointed locker rooms and baths are superb, while the expansive restaurant, a centerpiece of the clubhouse, takes pride in serving delicious, hearty meals.



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Arima Royal Golf Club




* The course condition is world class, the scenery backs up the quality of the course, and the fairways and greens are some of the best I have ever played on. (P.D. / Australia)

* It is a well maintained, very beautiful course. The grass is so plush it feels like you're walking on carpet! The beautiful autumn leaves and the surrounding nature were the most memorable part of this experience. (J.S. / UK)




Rokko Kokusai Golf Club


West Course, No.13, par 4


The West Course, a classic parkland designed by Jack Nicklaus, embodies the traits expected from the 'Golden Bear,' emphasizing precision and shot-making. It annually hosts the Suntory Ladies on the JLPGA Tour and has been the venue for prestigious events like the Japan Open and Senior Open.


The distinctive clubhouse entrance.


Clubhouse entrance hall and staircase


The high standard of the course design and its condition extends to the facilities. The Clubhouse is over 4,600 square meters and showcases an elegant exterior adorned with Spanish tile, while its interior exudes opulence with rich wood paneling and carpeting throughout. The spacious restaurant, competition rooms, and dressing areas are meticulously appointed, further enhancing the luxurious experience.



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Rokko Kokusai Golf Club



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Arima Onsen


Arima Onsen's traditional streets


Accessible from major cities in Kansai, Arima Onsen offers a perfect retreat to unwind amidst a serene traditional ambiance. Stroll around beautiful winding streets with quaint wooden shops and explore some of the most renowned hot springs; considered one of the three most ancient and reputable onsens in Japan. Both Kinsen (golden hot spring) and Ginsen (silver hot spring) are found in Arima Onsen- a rarity which must be experienced.



Sasayama Castle


Entranceway to the castle courtyard


This Edo-period castle constructed by influential feudal lords from western Japan is now recognized as a National Heritage Site.



Tamba Traditional Crafts Park in Tachikui Pottery Village


Tamba-yaki pottery


Tamba-yaki pottery has been created for over 800 years and is renowned for its quality and technical excellence. Visitors can purchase authentic pottery, and even try their hand at making their own Tamba-yaki masterpiece.



Steakhouse Oriental


The ultimate teppan dining experience


Indulging in world-renowned Kobe beef is a must when visiting Kobe, and what better way to experience it than at a Teppan (hot-plate) restaurant? Enjoy Kobe wagyu, known worldwide for its excellence, along with other seasonal delicacies prepared by your own personal chef. To top it off, savor the experience with an amazing panoramic view of the harbor from the top floor of the hotel.



Hyogo Gokoku World


Enjoying the atmosphere of Gokoku World


Explore Hyogo's soulful cuisine in a retro Showa-style street atmosphere. Must-try favorites, including Kobe beef and fresh catches from the Sea of Japan, Harima Sea, and Akashi Strait, create an essential and enjoyable dining experience.



Ryorisha Yamayu


Ryorisha Yamayu


Japanese nabe (hot pot)


Indulge in traditional local fare at this charming 400-year-old thatched-roof restaurant. Delight in seasonal dishes like yam, barley rice, and charcoal-grilled specialties, which offer a true taste of the region's culinary heritage.



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