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Golfing Japan's Golden Route Shizuoka & Tochigi

Shizuoka: A golfer’s Dream

From the majestic Mount Fuji to the translucent shores of the Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka offers the perfect blend for an exceptional golfing and sightseeing getaway!

Taiheiyo Club Gotemba West Course


No. 10, par 4


Taiheiyo Gotemba boasts an esteemed pedigree and has hosted numerous domestic and international tournaments, including an upcoming DP World Tour event in 2024. With an imaginative course design featuring Mount Fuji in several holes, this course guarantees an unforgettable experience.


No. 17, par 3


No. 18, par 4


The finishing holes at Gotemba West Course are captivating. The 17th, a picturesque par 3, boasts stunning views of Mount Fuji, while the 18th, a par 4 alongside a serene lake, presents a challenging yet scenic conclusion to a memorable round.



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Taiheiyo Club Gotemba West Course



Kawana Hotel Golf Course


Fuji Course, No. 15, par 5


Often referred to as 'Japan's Pebble Beach,' Kawana Hotel Golf Course's Fuji Course is a masterpiece by acclaimed English designer C.H. Alison, opened in 1936. Situated in Shizuoka's Izu area and ranked among the world's top 100 courses, it offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and is undoubtedly one of Japan's best courses.


Fuji Course, No11, par 5


No. 11, featuring the iconic lighthouse


Every hole on the Fuji Course is stunning, especially those that run alongside the ocean—they truly captivate your soul. The 11th hole, situated on a peninsula extending into the Pacific, offers views of Mount Fuji during the approach, creating a breathtaking experience along the shore.



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Kawana Hotel Golf Course




* My favorite course out of all the courses this trip. It was the best one, with stunning views of the ocean. It was very challenging, but the views made up for it. We also had a super good caddy, who was very experienced and on the ball. (J.S. / UK)

* Teeing off at hole 1 is already breathtaking, and what a start! But all the holes along or with a view to the sea are so spectacular. And we were lucky to see Mt. Fuji. (K.P. / Switzerland)



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Matcha Calligraphy and a Tea Ceremony Experience at Muan


Japanese calligraphy using matcha powder


Shizuoka Prefecture leads in tea production in Japan. Why not savor a special 'Tea-pairing' experience, featuring a traditional green tea ceremony prepared by a tea master? Accompanied by balanced seasonal delicacies, you can also try your hand at Japanese calligraphy, using ground matcha tea leaves instead of ink.



Kawana Hotel Restaurant Inakaya


Tempura (lightly fried seafood and vegetables)


At the hotel's Inakaya restaurant, nestled in a cozy traditional hut, guests can indulge in an array of traditional delectable sets, like tempura, sashimi, sukiyaki beef, shabu-shabu (a type of hotpot), and various crab and shellfish dishes.



Kawana Hotel Restaurant Grill


Lobster and scallop Japanese curry with rice


Hamburg steak with demiglace sauce topped with a fried egg.


One of the main restaurants at the hotel, its classic and elegant design is complimented by its wide range of fresh seafood and seasonal sets. It offers both Japanese and western classics like seafood curry and hamburger steaks.



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Tochigi Golf, Waterfalls, and Whiskey

Just an hour from Tokyo, Tochigi boasts Japan's most stunning natural landscapes, offering over 100 golf courses amidst breathtaking mountains, serene lakes, and cascading waterfalls. Embrace its culinary excellence and warm hospitality!

Seven Hundred Club


No. 10, par 4


Nestled in Tochigi's Sakura region, Seven Hundred presents a serene 18-hole parkland course. Elevated tees offer a picturesque view, while strategic water elements and bunkers challenge golfers of all skill levels. Intriguingly, the club is Japan's leading promoter of footgolf.


No. 7, par 5


No. 14, Par 5


No. 17, par 3



Featured holes at Seven Hundred Club include the impressive 14th, a Par 5 that begins with a dogleg left and challenges players with a risky approach over water to a complex two-tiered green. The iconic 17th, a par 3, shares the same lake as the 14th. Featuring a green that protrudes into the lake, it creates an island-green effect, adding to the drama and intensifying the tee shot.


The spacious clubhouse at Seven Hundred


The clubhouse, much like the staff, exudes warmth and hospitality. The locker room and bathhouse offer generous space and a classic design. The restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating, offering local whiskey and sake. Additionally, the club's farm yields magnificent strawberries.



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Seven Hundred Club




* This would be a great course to start a golf safari in Japan, as it is not too difficult to play and one can gain confidence. (K.P. / Switzerland)

* This course had a very simple layout, where good shots were rewarded, and it wasn't overly long. (O.C. / USA)



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Kegon Waterfall


Viewing platform beneath the waterfall


Nestled high in Nikko National Park lies the spectacular Kegon Waterfall. An elevator, carved 100 meters through solid rock, grants visitors an up-close encounter with the waterfall's base.



Lake Chuzenji


Lake Chuzenji and the Kegon Waterfall


Feeding Kegon Waterfall and nestled within Nikko National Park, the stunning Lake Chuzenji rests at an elevation of 1,269 meters above sea level. Its breathtaking panorama encompasses the surrounding forests and mountains, notably Mt. Natai, whose eruption 20,000 years ago formed the lake.



Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine


Yomeimon Gate


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is where Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Edo Shogunate, is enshrined. It's renowned for its ornate carvings, including the origin of the 'Three Wise Monkeys.' This National Treasure, along with the other period buildings in the area, is an integral part to Japan's rich cultural heritage.



Spacia X Train


Goen Cafe onboard of the Spacia X


Running from Tokyo to the Nikko/Kinugawa area, this luxury express train is renowned for its opulent interiors. An extravagant lounge has been designed in the first car, allowing guests to relax and savor Nikko-style flavors amidst Edo-inspired decor. Worthy of note is that this train has reduced its carbon footprint by 40% when compared with the previous generation making it sustainable as well as luxurious.



Ishi No Kura Restaurant


Tochigi Wagyu beef


‘Ishi No Kura' translates to 'stone storehouse.' This traditional stone building has been transformed into a chic restaurant that offers elevated Japanese dishes featuring premium Tochigi Wagyu and seasonal specialties.



Nikko Kanaya Hotel


The hotel's main dining room


Step back in time at one of Japan's oldest Western-styled hotels. Nikko Kanaya Hotel is a place steeped in history. Enjoy excellent traditional French cuisine or peruse its unparalleled collection of scotch at the bar.



Restaurant Benkei


Indulge in Tochigi Wagyu beef sukiyaki.


This traditional Izakaya/Inn perfectly marries premium Tochigi Wagyu with seasonal vegetables in the sukiyaki hot pot style, delighting meat lovers.



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