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Kaizu Osaki 海津大崎

kaizu osaki kaizu osaki
kaizu osaki kaizu osaki

A peninsula lined with cherry trees on a massive lake in Shiga

Kaizu Osaki is a peninsula that juts into Lake Biwa and boasts nearly four kilometers of cherry trees, which bloom spectacularly along the shore of the lake in spring.

Don't Miss

  • Passing through a tunnel of pink blossoms
  • Taking a boat out onto Lake Biwa for a different perspective

How to Get There

It can be accessible by train or bus.

From Kyoto, take the JR Kosei Line to Makino Station. From there, you can walk 30 minutes or take a five-minute taxi. You can also take the Makino Kogen bus to the Kaizu Osaki entrance and then walk six minutes.

A view only Lake Biwa could provide

Kaizu Osaki is one of Lake Biwa's most scenic spots. The cherry blossoms are beautiful contrasted against the rocks and the lake's blue water, with Chikubu Island visible in the distance.

Nearly four kilometers of cherry trees

Kaizu Osaki boasts more than 800 hardy cherry trees, some of which are more than 80 years old. Enjoy strolling along the lakeside through a tunnel of cherry blossoms when the trees are in full bloom. The trees explode into blossom over the lakeside road, which allows you to walk through a true tunnel of cherry blossoms.

Take a boat out onto Lake Biwa

To get the full picture, take a pleasure cruise out onto Lake Biwa . From the water, you'll see how massive Kaizu Osaki's sakura display really is.

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