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Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine 住吉大社

Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine
Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine

Manicured foliage and towering trees harmonize with third-century Japanese architecture

The grounds of Sumiyoshi Taisha are some of the best in the country. The shrine was erected before mainland Asia influenced Japanese architectural styles. The groundskeepers have preserved a patch of rice field on the southern end of the grounds, giving visitors an idea of what life in Japan was like prior to modern development.

Quick Facts

It was built prior to the introduction of Buddhism to Japan

Only three such "purely Japanese" shrines exist in Japan

Crowds flock to Sumiyoshi Taisha on January 1 for hatsumode, the customary first shrine visit of the year

How to Get There

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine can be accessed by train and then on foot.

From Tennoji Station, walk to neighboring Tennoji-Ekimae Station and take the Hankdai Denki Uemachi Line south for approximately 15 minutes. Exit at Sumiyoshitorii-Mae Station. Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is on your left.

Plan your journey

Spend an hour exploring the shrine grounds and facilities. Consider heading to nearby Sumiyoshi Park afterward to view the seasonal blooms of flowers.

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