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Murin-an Garden 無鄰菴

Murin-an Murin-an
Murin-an Murin-an

Magnificent villa and gardens of a great statesman

Tucked away in the Okazaki area of Kyoto , Murin-an is a charming garden built at the end of the 19th century by one of the most crucial figures in modern Japanese history.

The statesman Yamagata Aritomo (1838-1922) built Murinan Garden as a retirement villa when Japan was pursuing a program of rapid modernization, and reveals his own taste for foreign architectural styles.

Don't Miss

  • Admire the scenery of the Higashiyama hills
  • Spend time in a place where political heavyweights discussed the impending Russo-Japanese War
  • Savor matcha green tea at the traditional teahouse

How to Get There

Get close to Murinan Garden by bus from Kyoto Station and walk from there.

From Kyoto Station , take the city bus no. 5, 86 or 100 to Jingu-michi or Okazaki Park Museum, Heian Jingu-mae. Murin-an is located a short walk away. Follow the signs on Niomon Street to a small entrance down a quiet, narrow lane.

A tranquil hideaway

Murin-an is a modern Japanese garden, designed to give you a different view at every turn. Its construction was completed in 1896 but despite its historical significance and stunning beauty, it remains among the lesser-visited sights of Kyoto . It's name, in fact, alludes to the relatively quiet location of this garden.

Yamagata Aritomo, the prominent Meiji-Era (1868-1912) statesman, was closely involved in its construction.

It was around this time that the monumental Lake Biwa canal was completed. This project was designed to direct water from the largest lake in Japan to Kyoto , to generate hydroelectric power. Yamagata took advantage of this development to create the numerous streams, ponds, and waterfalls you will find here among the perfectly manicured moss and trees.

The garden itself was created by Ogawa Jihei (1860-1933), a famous seventh-generation gardener in a prominent gardening family.

A symbol of Westernization

Yamagata was a pivotal figure in the Meiji Restoration, which brought the 264-year-long reign of the shogunate regime to an end, replaced with a new government with the emperor at its head. Yamagata had originally opposed opening Japan up to foreign trade. However, realizing that Japan could not stand up to Western military might, he set about modernizing the Japanese army as Prime Minister.

One of the three buildings in this garden is a Western-style red brick structure which now serves as a museum. The second floor is still laid out with the original furnishings and lavish artworks.

Here, Yamagata met secretly with ministers in the lead up to the 1903 Russo-Japanese War.

You can try matcha tea and Japanese sweets at the main Japanese house, overlooking the gardens.

Murinan Garden is well-placed to make visits to Nanzenji Temple, Heian-jingu Shrine and the numerous museums in the Okazaki district. Plan to spend a leisurely half day in the area.

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