Chionin Temple 知恩院

gion & higashiyama
gion & higashiyama

The spacious and tranquil heart of Japanese Jodo Buddhism

Wide-open spaces are in short supply in much of Japan, but that is certainly not the case for the grounds of Chionin. After walking through the huge Sanmon gate, visitors will climb a tall stone staircase and enter the expansive world of Jodo Buddhism that is Chionin.

Quick Facts

The Sanmon gate is the largest wooden gate in Japan

Chionin contains seven wonders, including a huge rice paddle and a hidden umbrella

Visit tranquil Hojo Garden to see nature perfectly reflected in Shinji Pond

How to Get There

Located in Kyoto , Chionin is easy to reach from Kyoto Station by bus, subway or taxi.

Chionin Temple is only a five-minute walk to the temple from Chionin-mae Bus Stop and around 10 minutes from Higashiyama subway station. Chionin is surrounded by some other temples and shrines, which makes walking a good option for those who want to explore.

Front view of Chionin

Explore the spacious grounds and gardens of Chionin

Temple buildings are not all there is to enjoy at Chionin. As you meander through the buildings, you will find two gardens: Hojo Garden and Yuzen Garden. Both offer beautiful places to get in touch with nature, with expansive views stretching back to the Higashiyama mountains.

Spring at Chion-in

Experience the religious traditions of Japan

As the head temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism, Chionin Temple is full of opportunities to explore religious tradition. You can see the devotional statue of the sect's founder, and visit the mausoleum that contains his ashes.

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