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A green jewel in sparkling Mikawa Bay

Designated a Natural Monument, the tiny uninhabited island known as Takeshima in Mikawa Bay not far from Nagoya has unusual plant life such as suhouchiku, a type of bamboo—take in Japanese—from which the name of the island is derived, and a picturesque shrine. The shrine is the only building.

How to Get There

The causeway to the island is just a 15-minute walk from Gamagori Station.

From Nagoya Station , the JR Tokaido Line bound for Toyohashi takes just 45 minutes to get to Gamagori.

An island for lovers, entertainers and everyone else

If you're with your significant other, take a stroll along the causeway linking Takeshima to the mainland while holding hands, since the bridge is said to bring good fortune to couples.

Passing through the large stone torii gate—the only place in Japan where you will do so on a bridge—you finally come to the beautiful island.

Exploring the shrines and plant life

On the top of the domed island is Yaotomi Shrine, one of only seven shrines in Japan dedicated to Benten, the goddess of music and entertainers. As it is said that worshiping here is good luck in marriage and childbirth, it is another opportunity to take the hand of a loved one.

Trekking around the tiny island, you'll discover other small shrines in hidden coves as well as numerous types of plant life that have been preserved separately from the mainland.

Designated Cultural Property of Aichi Prefecture and Nishio City

If you are visiting the area by car, make a detour to the 400-year-old Kezoji Temple on your return journey, where you can explore a beautiful tea garden and find the grave of Kira Kozunosuke Yoshihisa, known for his fictional role in the popular bunraku and Kabuki play Kanadehon Chushingura.

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