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Meoto Iwa (Fukuoka) 夫婦岩(福岡)

Itoshima Hanto Itoshima Hanto
Itoshima Hanto Itoshima Hanto

Sacred wedded rocks in a picturesque bay

In the northern part of Itoshima, in the bay of Futamigaura, stand two rocks known as Meoto Iwa—the wedded rocks. These linked stones are one of the most popular attractions in the Itoshima area, and you can combine a visit here with a tour of some of the peninsula's great beaches and cafes.

Quick Facts

There is a pair of wedded rocks that share the same name, Meoto Iwa, in Mie Prefecture

The giant straw garland that weds the rocks together is known as a shimenawa

The larger of the two rocks is considered to be the husband rock, while the smaller is the wife rock

How to Get There

Meoto Iwa is just an hour's drive out of Fukuoka.

Meoto Iwa is off Futamigaura Beach on the northern coast of Itoshima Peninsula . To truly enjoy Itoshima, a car is your best option. Public transport is also available but infrequent.

Wedded by rope

The two rocks are tied together, or wedded, by a giant straw garland known as a shimenawa, which is replaced every year during a ceremony held during the spring tide, in late April or early May. The shimenawa weighs around one ton, and requires more than 50 men to carry it out to and hang it over the rocks.

Framed by a torii gate

In front of the shrine stands a white torii gate, the base of which is weathered and worn by the flow of the tide. At low tide you can walk to the base of the torii; at high tide, the lower section of the torii is completely submerged.

It is worth noting that the tides in front of Meoto Iwa can become very powerful, and swimming out to the rocks is not advised.

Easy access and parking, and cafes nearby

There is a parking lot directly opposite the torii gate, meaning the site is very accessible for those with a car. There are several beach cafes in the vicinity.

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