World Cosplay Summit 世界コスプレサミット

World Cosplay Summit
World Cosplay Summit

A meeting of the greatest and most fantastic cosplayers

Once a year, anime, manga and game characters take over the city of Nagoya . Enjoy the passion these fans have and keep your eyes peeled for your own favorites.

Quick Facts

Cosplay is a combination of the words 'costume' and 'play,' where people dress as their favorite characters

The first World Cosplay Summit was in 2003

It is held annually from the end of July to the beginning of August, with the parade and championship being held on the first Saturday and Sunday of August

How to Get There

Events are held across the city of Nagoya , but the main areas are in the districts of Sakae and Osu.

From Nagoya Station , Sakae can be accessed directly via the Higashiyama subway line. For Osu, transfer to the Tsurumai line at Fushimi.

Pop culture and diversity

See the most inventive, passionate, and elaborate cosplayers meet and compete to be the World Cosplay Summit Champions. Representatives from more than 30 countries come to Nagoya to take part in this Japanese pop culture extravaganza. Marvel as competitors parade their extraordinary costumes and are judged on their performances and artistry.

Get involved in the fun

You can catch the event at multiple venues, with several ceremonies, competitions, and demonstrations across Nagoya. Even if you do not go to watch the official championship itself, there are still many ways that you can participate, with new and exciting events going on each year. Check the official World Cosplay Summit website for more details.

For the entire week, the city is awash with such incredibly dressed cosplayers that it is at times difficult to differentiate between the competitors and the fans. Most are only too happy to pose with you for photos, so keep your camera at the ready and find your favorite characters to snap a shot with.

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