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Kawazu Seven Waterfalls 河津七滝ループ橋

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls Kawazu Seven Waterfalls
Kawazu Seven Waterfalls Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

Seven falls, seven onsen, and fascinating side paths you'll want to explore

The pure waters of the Kawazu River flowing down from the Amagi mountain range take seven drops. There is a great trail to hike known as Kawazu Nanadaru that leads from one gushing fall to the next.

Don't Miss

  • A soothing soak in an onsen after you explore the falls
  • Visiting the wasabi fields and sampling some wasabi goods

How to Get There

Use the direct Odoriko trains from Tokyo or a shinkansen followed by local lines.

From Tokyo Station , the Odoriko or Super View Odoriko trains take about two and a half hours to get to Kawazu Station. The Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station takes approximately 50 minutes to Atami Station, after which you'll board the Ito Line and Izu Kyuko Line for approximately an hour and a half to Kawazu Station.

Quick Facts

Kawazu's seven waterfalls drop from heights of up to 30 meters

A bronze statue at one of the falls was inspired by a Yasunari Kawabata novel

The biggest of the seven falls, Odaru, has a swimming hole and hot baths beside the stream

The stamp rally

Each fall has a name—Kamadaru, Ebidaru, Hebidaru, Shokeidaru, Kanidaru, Deaidaru and Odaru—all ending with "daru." For fun, you can do a "stamp rally." Every time you stop at one of the falls, you can get your special card stamped with one of the seven gods of good luck.

The dancer by the falls

The Shokeidaru Falls has a special companion, a bronze statue known as Odoriko inspired by Yasunari Kawabata's short novel The Izu Dancer. Literary fans are frequent visitors. This is also one of the main venues of the Taki Matsuri, a festival that celebrates the falls.

More sevens—this time for bathing in

The Kawazu area has seven well-known hot spring baths—Imaihama Onsen, Kawazuhama Seaside Onsen, Yatsu Onsen, Mine Onsen, Yugano Onsen, Odaru Onsen and Nanadaru Onsen. You'll have a choice of sea views or mountain views depending on the bath you choose, but all of them will leave you feeling relaxed yet energized.

That spicy green root

If you continue south after reaching the last fall, Odaru, you'll find Wasabidanosato, a field of wasabi. Wasabi is the spicy green paste that livens up sushi and many other dishes in Japan. The area's clear, clean waters and the green rooted plants that grow in them are a rare sight, and well worth checking out. You'll also be able to try foods made with wasabi.

Fast bloomers in spring

There are 8,000 cherry trees in Kawazu, and they have a reputation for showing their blossoms to the world early. The Kawazu blooms are also known for their large petals and bright pink color. The Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossom Festival is a popular springtime event.

The beaches down south

The Kawazu Seven Waterfalls are an ideal spot for a day trip, but it's worth spending a few relaxing days in the Izu area if you have time to spare. Izu has a wealth of beaches south of the falls, and Imaihama is one of the finest. Many resorts, inns and guesthouses are dotted around the coastline.

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