Toyohashi Gion Festival 豊橋祇園祭

Toyohashi Gion hand pipe fireworks festival Toyohashi Gion hand pipe fireworks festival
Toyohashi Gion hand pipe fireworks festival Toyohashi Gion hand pipe fireworks festival

Combining traditional and modern fireworks makes for an explosive weekend

Every year, the city of Toyohashi puts on a three-day firework display that blows all other local demonstrations out of the water.

Quick Facts

Toyohashi Gion Festival is held on the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of July

It is the largest fireworks festival in the Higashi-Mikawa area

How to Get There

Just a short 15-minute walk from Toyohashi Station, Yoshida Shrine is accessible by train.

Head to Toyohashi by bullet train from Nagoya Station . It takes about 30 minutes. Alternatively, catch the rapid train for a cheaper option. This takes closer to an hour.

Handheld fireworks

Over three days in Toyohashi, you can experience different displays of local culture, each as spectacular as the next.

Handheld tezutsu fireworks kick the celebrations off on Friday night in front of the altar of Yoshida Shrine where they are said to have originated some 450 years ago. Parishioners from eight local neighborhoods set off these dramatic firework cannons, a cascade of flame shooting 10 meters into the air and showering the holders with their glowing embers.

12,000 more in the sky

The next evening, continue the celebrations along the banks of the Toyo River. Enjoy the local festival food, relax and watch in amazement as some 12,000 fireworks light up the night sky.

Traditional cultural experiences

While lacking some of the bang of the previous two, the final day is no less compelling. Throughout the day, watch local traditional dance performances, including the Bamboo Grass Dance specific to this region, and a parade of mikoshi shrines.

While you are in the area, you should certainly pay a visit to Yoshida Castle in Toyohashi Park, a 10-minute walk from Yoshida Shrine.

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