Echizen Soba Village 越前そばの里

Echizen Soba Village
Echizen Soba Village

Try your hand at making your own bowl of soba

With perfect conditions for growing buckwheat, Fukui Prefecture is particularly famous for its soba noodles. In the city of Echizen, you can visit the Echizen Soba Village, a facility dedicated to teaching visitors about these delicious noodles.

How to Get There

An eight-minute walk from Kitamura bus stop.

From Takefu Station, take the Fukutetsu bus bound for the Echizen Washi Village (15 minutes) and get off at Kitamura bus stop.

Learn how to make soba

Here, you can take a look at the attached soba factory or try oroshi soba (soba served with grated radish, spring onions, fish flakes, and a light soy sauce) at the restaurant.

For a hands-on experience at Echizen Soba Village, try making soba yourself. Under the instructors' guidance, you'll be able to make two servings of soba, which you can either take home or have prepared to eat in the restaurant.

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