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Echizen Ono Castle 越前大野城

Echizen Ono Castle Echizen Ono Castle
Echizen Ono Castle Echizen Ono Castle

Discover a castle in the clouds

Looming over the city of Ono is Echizen Ono Castle. First built in 1580, the castle appears to float in the sky when the clouds hang low.

Quick Facts

Although a reconstruction, the castle's original stone walls and other remnants still remain

The best chance to see the castle float above the clouds is in November between dawn and 9 a.m.

Note that the castle is closed December through March

How to Get There

The castle is a 20-minute walk from Echizen Ono Station.

Echizen Ono Station sits on the Etsumi-Hoku Line that runs between Fukui Station and Kuzuryuko Station. It is just under an hour from Fukui Station.

A rare sight

When the weather cooperates, the Echizen Ono Castle appears to float in the clouds. This beautiful sight has earned the castle its nickname of the Castle in the Sky. Note that the phenomena only occurs a handful of times a year—generally early in the morning from October to April.

When the conditions look right, photographers often gather at viewing points on the surrounding mountains, in the hopes of getting a shot of this enchanting sight.

Learn about the history of this castle

Rebuilt in 1968, an exhibition about the two-tiered castle keep allows visitors to learn the history behind this castle. You can see views of the whole city if you climb to the top level.

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