Ketto Hamlet 結東地区

Mikura Bridge
Mikura Bridge

Natural vistas and bucolic landscapes

Ketto Hamlet is an unexplored spot in Tsunan, southeastern Niigata prefecture. Come here for natural, unaffected beauty, where ravines, rivers and unusual rice paddies all compete for your attention.

How to Get There

The closest major transport hub to Ketto Hamlet is Echigo Yuzawa Station, a 50-minute bus ride away. By train, its a 70-minute shinkansen ride on the JR Joetsu Line from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa Station.

Mikura Bridge

If you're looking for thrills, make your away across Nakatsugawa River via the Mikura Bridge in Ketto Hamlet. This wooden suspension bridge is beautifully shaped and offers a stunning overview of the clear blue river. The mystery movie “Sway” was filmed there in 2006.


Niigata Prefecture is known as rice country, and Ketto Hamlet is no exception. Unlike rice paddies that are usually separated by soil and grass, rice fields in Ketto Hamlet are divided by low stone walls. On special occasions, thousands of candles are set up on the stones, and visitors can enjoy a special night along with local dance and drum performances.

Ketto Dam and Ketto Hot Spring

Other nearby attractions worth noting are the Ketto Dam completed in 1972 and the Ketto Hot Spring which features an outdoor hot bath with a mountain view and a souvenir shop for local products.


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