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Hiroshima Castle 広島城

hiroshima castle hiroshima castle
hiroshima castle hiroshima castle

A castle that has seen tragedy and violence now offers tranquil views of Hiroshima

Although the castle that now overlooks Hiroshima City is a replica built in 1958, the original fortress has a history spanning centuries. Built in the late 1500s, it predates the city itself.

The castle is now a museum that records the history of the city prior to the atomic bombing and is a faithful representation of the structure it replaced.

Quick Facts

It is also known as Carp Castle

The foundations of the castle are 12.4 meters high, and the castle itself is another 26.6 meters high

Hiroshima Castle is a relatively rare flat plains castle; most castles in Japan are built on high ground

How to Get There

You can reach the castle by tram or train.

It is a 20-30 minutes walk from the Peace Park , or you can get the tram to Kamiyacho-nishi or Kamiyacho-higashi tram stop and walk 15 minutes from there.

A new castle that honors the past

The castle grounds are on the very edge of the blast area of the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Although it did not feel the full force of the explosion, shockwaves destroyed the lower struts and supports of the castle, causing the building to collapse.

The style of the new castle stays close to the original, but it employs contemporary building techniques. The keep at the top has a balcony running outside, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding area.

Three special trees

The castle did not survive the bombing, but three trees did. Inside the castle walls you can find a holly, eucalyptus, and willow tree, which were only between 740 and 910 meters from the center of the blast.

These iconic trees are now symbols of the city's strength and ability to survive and flourish even after a truly devastating event.

Great views, amazing history

The castle, which was built in a very strategic position, was once surrounded by two moats—one of which survives—fed by the nearby Ota River, which in turn surrounds the castle on three sides. The strategic location now gives tourists a great view of the city and surrounding area.


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