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Cape Inubo 犬吠埼

Cape Inubo Cape Inubo
Cape Inubo Cape Inubo

Cape Inubo and its lighthouse provide panoramic views of the land and sea

Cape Inubo is located on the north end of Kujukuri Beach in Choshi, jutting out from the peninsula to offer sweeping views of the Pacific. Waves crash upon the reef coastline below with its many marine caves.

Quick Facts

Inubo means "cape where a dog barks," from a legend that an abandoned dog howled for seven days before turning to stone

The Inubosaki Lighthouse was designed by British engineer Henry Brunton. Built in 1874, the site is a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan

How to Get There

The lighthouse is easily accessible by public transport.

From Tokyo station, take the JR Sobu line (limited express) to Choshi station, and switch to the Choshi Electric Railway Line to Inubo Station, or take a 20-minute bus ride from Choshi Station.

The main attraction at Cape Inubo is the Inubosaki Lighthouse. This 140-year-old structure offers a spectacular view of the ocean and surrounding scenery.

There are paths that go up and down the cape and one that goes right up to the coastline. At the foot of the cliffs is a Buddhist temple with vivid colors that resembles temples in Southeast Asia.

The rear view from the cape overlooks rice fields, small wooden houses and pine forests, offering a picturesque and rural scene that's a far cry from the urban environments of Tokyo or Chiba .

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