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Meigetsuin Temple 明月院

Meigetsu-in Ajisai Temple Meigetsu-in Ajisai Temple
Meigetsu-in Ajisai Temple Meigetsu-in Ajisai Temple

The last resting place of Hojo Tokiyori, one of the most powerful men in Kamakura's history

Meigetsuin Temple was founded in 1160, and later became a Zen temple of the Rinzai sect. It is especially enjoyable to visit in June or the autumn, when you can enjoy the beautiful garden areas filled with hydrangea.

How to Get There

Meigetsuin Temple is a 10-minute walk from JR Kita-Kamakura Station. From Tokyo, Kita-Kamakura Station is about a 50-minute ride on the Yokosuka Line.

Quick Facts

Meigetsuin Temple is the site of Hojo Tokiyori's tomb

Meigetsuin Temple has so many hydrangeas that it is known as Hydrangea Temple

The tomb of one of Kamakura's founding fathers

Hojo Tokiyori was the leading administrator of the Kamakura shogunate in the 13th century and an effective dictator, leaving the shogun as a puppet figurehead. His fingerprints are all over Kamakura , particularly in the temples he founded. Meigetsuin is the site of his tomb.

Ajisaidera AKA the Hydrangea Temple

In addition to its historical significance, Meigetsuin is so famous for its hydrangeas that it is colloquially known as the Hydrangea Temple. When the flowers are at their peak in mid-June, the temple becomes crowded with visitors from near and far. The temple is also famous for its irises in the inner garden. This area is kept closed to visitors except in June, when it is opened to show off the beautiful flowers, and in late November, when visitors can see the autumn colors.

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