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Izu Oshima Island 伊豆大島

Izu Oshima Island Izu Oshima Island
Izu Oshima Island Izu Oshima Island

A subtropical volcanic island off Tokyo's coast with hiking trails and fascinating geological sites

The largest of the islands that make up the Izu archipelago, 91-square-kilometer Izu Oshima is home to Mt. Mihara , an active volcano that has erupted multiple times throughout history. The volcano is carefully monitored, though, so you can safely explore the volcanic landscape via the many hiking trails around it.

There are also good cycling courses that allow you to see the island in a fun, active way, as well as several beaches where you can swim and dive.

Don't Miss

  • Exploring the Miharayama hiking trails
  • Relaxing in Miharayama Onsen hot spring afterwards
  • Watching the sunset from the west coast

How to Get There

You can get to Izu Oshima by boat or plane.

From Tokyo, take an Express Jet Boat from Takeshiba Terminal to Oshima (an hour and 45 minutes) or a large passenger ferry (six hours). Alternatively, fly from Chofu Airport, which takes 30 minutes.

An island shaped by volcanic forces

Izu Oshima was born of volcanic energy over 10,000 years ago, and the physical remains of the volcanic forces that shaped the island can still be seen today.

Head to the southwest of the island between Motomachi Port and Habu Port to see the Chiso Dai-setsudan-men, known affectionately as “baumkuchen.” This geological formation is an important geological site 30 meters in height where strata have formed of ash from volcanic eruptions.

Dai-setsudan-men is a unique volcanic formation

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