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Inokashira Park Cherry Blossoms 井の頭公園の桜

Inokashira Park-cherry blossom Inokashira Park-cherry blossom
Inokashira Park-cherry blossom Inokashira Park-cherry blossom

One of Tokyo's best parks and a super spot for sakura

With around 500 cherry blossom trees and a beautiful lake, Inokashira Park is a fantastic sakura spot in Tokyo.

Don't Miss

  • See the flowers in bloom from late March to early April
  • Take swan boat ride on the lake
  • Pay a visit to the famed Ghibli Museum, in the southern area of the park—advance ticket reservations are required

Quick Facts

Inokashira Park celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017

The park was a gift to the public by the imperial family

The cherry blossom trees are highly concentrated around the pond, many of which hang over and onto the pond's surface

How to Get There

The closest train station to Inokashira Park is JR Kichijoji Station, 30 minutes away from central Tokyo.

From Shinjuku Station take the JR Chuo Line and get off at Kichijoji. You can also take the Keio Line at Shibuya Station and get off at Inokashira-koen Station.

A season full of cheer and laughter

Inokashira Park is especially lively during sakura season. Many visitors stretch out mats and relax under the cherry trees with picnic food and drinks. On weekends, it is best to come early and save a spot, or visit on a weekday for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Plenty of attractions

The park also has a duck pond, a zoo, and an aquarium. You can also visit the shrine dedicated to Benzaiten, the goddess of music and eloquence. The Studio Ghibli Museum is also located within the park boundaries. Advance tickets are required.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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