Ondo Bridge 音戸大橋

Ondo Bridge Ondo Bridge
Ondo Bridge Ondo Bridge

A stunning bridge lined with flowers and an engineering marvel

Ondo Bridge spans the Ondo no Seto waterway, which served as a trading route with China in the 12th and subsequent centuries.

While there is some contention by historians as to whether this path was manmade or mostly natural, there is no denying that it cuts through beautiful scenery. Ondo Bridge is among the vantage points for admiring the scenic waterway and its surroundings.

Quick Facts

The bridge is built at the narrowest section of the waterway, which is just 90 meters wide

The water runs quickly through this bottleneck, with currents as fast as 10 km/h

How to Get There

You can reach the bridge by train and then by bus.

Take the Kure train line to Kure Station, and board a bus bound for Ondo no Seto and get off at the last stop, or take a bus bound for Kurahashi and get off at Ondo.

The bridge across the waters

One of the road's centerpieces is Ondo Bridge, a stunning bright red bridge lined with equally beautiful flowers called azalea. It is an impressive structure that links to Kurahashi Island, with the practical purpose of allowing vehicles to cross without hindering the 700 ships that pass through the Ondo Straits on a daily basis.

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