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Takayu Onsen 高湯温泉

Takayu Onsen Takayu Onsen
Takayu Onsen Takayu Onsen

Take a dip in the milky blue waters of Fukushima's sulfur springs

Flowing out of the ground at a piping hot 50 degrees Celsius, the water's high sulfur content gives it a milky appearance and is said to be good for your skin. If you're looking for a truly relaxing getaway, head out to the Takayu Onsen hot spring village, far from any crowds, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

How to Get There

Takayu Onsen is accessible via shinkansen from Tokyo.

From Tokyo Station, take the Tohoku Shinkansen line to Fukushima Station, only 90 minutes away. From Fukushima Station, there are three to five buses per day to Takayu Onsen, only 30 minutes more. A rental car may be more convenient, especially if you're planning to visit the surrounding areas. Rental car outlets can be found near Fukushima Station.

This route gives a fantastic view of the Bandai Azuma Skyline along the way, so it's a great 18-kilometer drive up to the mountains.

Quick Facts

The hot springs of Takayu were discovered in 1607

Nine natural springs supply the town

Stay overnight to get the full ryokan experience

Mountain hospitality and food

The springs were first discovered in 1607, and an onsen village then developed on the slopes of Mt. Azuma to take advantage of the therapeutic waters. Nine natural springs supply the town, and are piped directly into local baths and inns. The water contains no preservatives or additives.

While you can make this a day trip and use the public baths at Attaka-no-yu, it's recommended that you stay overnight to get the full ryokan experience, which includes kaiseki ryori, a traditional Japanese dinner with several courses made from local ingredients.


There are numerous accommodations for you to choose from. The modern Kagetsu Highland Hotel is the most prominent luxury accommodation in Takayu Onsen, and offers views of Fukushima City and the mountainside. Pet-friendly rooms are also available. The most famous spot is the historic Tamagoyu, which has thatched roofs and outdoor paths lined by stone lanterns.

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