Expo'70 Commemorative Park Cherry Blossom Festival 万博記念公園桜まつり

Expo Memorial Park-cherry blossom
Expo Memorial Park-cherry blossom

Osaka's biggest park also boasts its largest display of cherry blossoms

Expo Memorial Park is already a must-visit destination, with the expansive grounds and numerous facilities providing a full-days' worth of enjoyment. Yet the park is transformed when the cherry blossom blooms. Couples, families, co-workers and friends all flock to the park to drink, party and relax on the lawn.

How to Get There

Expo Memorial Park is easily reached by train from central Osaka.

From Osaka Station or Umeda Station, take the Midosuji Subway Line to Senri-Chuo Station. Then, transfer to the Osaka Monorail and ride two stops to Banpaku-Kinen-Koen Station. This station is right next to the park.

Planning your journey

The cherry trees generally bloom in the first or second week of April. If you're in Japan during this time, enjoy the temperate weather and beautiful scenery by spending some time relaxing in the park grounds. It's not uncommon for locals to party late into the night.

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