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Geibikei Gorge River Cruises 猊鼻渓舟下り

Geibikei Boat Tour Geibikei Boat Tour
Geibikei Boat Tour Geibikei Boat Tour

Be serenaded in style and take a boat cruise along a spectacular gorge

Guided boat tours along the Geibikei Gorge make a great change of pace from the historical sites in Hiraizumi . Enjoy the serene beauty of Geibikei while being serenaded by the drivers of Venetian-style boats.

How to Get There

Access Geibikei Gorge by bus, taxi, or train from Ichinoseki Station.

Ichinoseki is served by both the Tohoku Shinkansen and the Tohoku Main Line. From Ichinoseki take the Ofunato Line to Geibikei Station (30 minutes). The gorge is just a short walk from the station. You can buy tickets for the boat ride near the gorge.

Between April and November direct buses run from Hiraizumi Station to Geibikei Gorge .

Quick Facts

Factor in about 90 minutes per cruise

The gorge is especially picturesque in autumn during koyo or the changing of the leaves

You can buy special food to feed the river carp and ducks along your journey

Relaxing Venetian style

Geibikei Gorge is one of Iwate's most impressive sites. The best way to see the spectacular scenery for yourself is to take a flat-bottomed boat ride along the waters. Men and women propel the boats in much the same way that the gondolas in Venice, are propelled. Drivers point out famous sites along the way and serenade their passengers with a traditional folk song written especially for the occasion.


The boats stop near the end of the gorge for about a 15-30 minute hiatus. You'll find picnic tables, toilets, and a few benches nearby but no shops, so stock up on snacks before beginning your journey.

If you miss your return boat, you can always take the next one back. Boats usually run once an hour or once every thirty minutes during the high season between April and August.

A place where dreams come true

Alternatively, at the gorge turning point, head to the rock formation shaped like a lion's nose—it's where the gorge derived its name. You can buy five lucky stones for 100 yen, representing either love, long life, luck, destiny, wealth, relationships, or your own wish. If you manage to throw your stone or stones into the opening at the opposing cliff face across the gorge, your dreams are supposed to come true.

Geibikei through the seasons

The boats run all year round. However, the busiest time is in the fall when the leaves change color. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, winter is no less impressive. The boats are covered with plastic roofs, and there are heated tables under which you can put your legs to keep warm.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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Geibikei Boat Tour
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Geibikei Boat Tour
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