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Fujiwara Autumn Festival 秋の藤原まつり

Chuson-ji Temple-AUT Chuson-ji Temple-AUT
Chuson-ji Temple-AUT Chuson-ji Temple-AUT

Parades, Noh plays, and chrysanthemums at a festival honoring a noble clan and praying for the future

The breathtaking beauty of Chusonji Temple in Iwate's Hiraizumi area, wreathed in the colors of the autumn leaves, becomes even more impressive during its Fujiwara Autumn Festival . Held in early November, the festival honors the Fujiwara leaders enshrined in the Golden Pavilion.

Don't Miss

  • The parade of children and monks, dressed in period clothing, from the Main Hall to the Golden Pavilion, in the morning on November 1
  • A traditional Noh play held on the temple stage on November 3

How to Get There

You can reach Chusonji by bus, taxi or on foot from Hiraizumi Station on the JR Tohoku Line.

Take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Ichinoseki Station and change trains onto the JR Tohoku Line bound for Morioka. Get off at Hiraizumi Station. It's a 10-minute bus ride or a 30-minute walk to Chusonji.

A three-day celebration

Beginning on November 1, Chusonji holds a three-day memorial festival for the Fujiwara family leaders who built the temple and the surrounding structures, including Motsuji, in Hiraizumi.

A parade caught in time

A procession of children, singers, and monks, dressed in the style of the late Heian period, traverse the temple grounds to the Golden Pavilion where they pay their respects to the Fujiwara leaders enshrined inside.

Praying for long life

If you like, participate in the ritual exchange of chrysanthemum flowers to gain blessings for long life and good health. You can also enjoy a Noh performance on the temple stage on the final day of the festival.

An extravaganza of color

The festival coincides with the Chrysanthemum Festival, which runs from October into November. The vibrant hues of the chrysanthemum flowers coupled with the fiery fall foliage make the temple a rich tapestry of color and beauty.

Displays made of chrysanthemums that have been shaped into various designs grace the temple grounds, while dolls celebrating Minamoto no Yoshitsune are often cloaked in chrysanthemums.

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