Lake Tazawa 田沢湖

Lake Tazawa
Lake Tazawa

A crater lake with stunning reflections, water sports and hiking, and plenty of places to stay

At 423 meters, this picture-perfect, sapphire-blue crater lake is the deepest lake in Japan. With its near-perfect circle shape, the lake reflects the surrounding mountains like a gigantic mirror. As the seasons and depth of light change throughout the year, so does the color of the lake, from jade green to indigo blue.

Quick Facts

A bus travels around the area, offering breathtaking views from various viewpoints

There is a statue of legendary princess Tasuko, who was turned into a dragon due to her desire for eternal beauty

Lake Tazawa is home to Goza-no-ishi shrine

How to Get There

Tazawako Station is on the Akita Shinkansen line. From Akita Station, Tazawako Station is about one hour by shinkansen.

Activities on and beside the water

Try the various water activities available, including jet-skiing and sailing during the summer months, or hike one of the many trails around the lake. There are many campsites, hostels, and hotels, making the lake a popular place to stay during the summer season. Boat tours are also available during peak seasons.

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