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Ashino Park 芦野公園

Ashino Park Ashino Park
Ashino Park Ashino Park

One of Japan's best hanami spots

Everyone in Japan has their favorite place for viewing cherry blossoms. The timing of the Sakura Festival in Ashino Park, during Golden Week, a Japanese holiday during the first week of May, makes this location extra special.

How to Get There

From Goshogawara Station, you can take the train to the park.

Ashino Park is in Goshogawara, in the northwest part of Aomori Prefecture on the Tsugaru Peninsula. It is almost due west of Aomori City and north of Hirosaki, and roughly the same distance from both. Travel to Ashino Park is much easier from Hirosaki.

From Hirosaki Station, you first take the Ou Line to Goshogawara Station for around 50 minutes. There, you walk one minute to the Tsugaru-Goshogawara Station and get on the Tsugaru Railroad for about 20 minutes to Ashinokoen Station, which is within the park.

Quick Facts

The Dazai Osamu Literary Monument and a statue of Dazai Osamu can be found in the park

The boathouse on the lake has rowboats for rent

Ashino Park is part of the huge Ashino Chishogun Prefectural Natural Park

Golden Week in pink

Every year, from April 29 to May 5, Japan celebrates Golden Week. Starting with the Showa Emperor's birthday on April 29, the succession of holidays, including Constitution Day (May 3) and Children's Day (May 5), gives most company employees a full week off from work.

By Golden Week, cherry blossoms have already bloomed and scattered in nearly all of Japan. But in the cool north of Aomori Prefecture, peak sakura season begins in late April, so there is still time to see the trees in bloom if you missed them earlier.

Activities in the park

Ashino Park is part of the huge, Ashino Chishogun Prefectural Natural Park. It includes Lake Ashinoko and Ashino Park. There are around 1,500 cherry trees and 1,800 pines in the park.

Within the park is the Dazai Osamu Literary Monument and a statue of the author. Dazai is considered one of Japan's great novelists of the 20th century.

While you're there, rent a rowboat on the lake or walk across the suspension bridge and enjoy the romantic views.

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