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Cape Toi 都井岬

Cape Toi Area Cape Toi Area
Cape Toi Area Cape Toi Area

Come to Cape Toi for wild horses, hidden mountain shrines and sweeping ocean views

You'll find Cape Toi at the southernmost part of Miyazaki's sprawling coast. Wild horses grazing here, known as Misaki-uma, are Cape Toi's most famous attraction, but there's lots more to enjoy.

Don't Miss

  • The wild horses that greet you upon arrival
  • Picturesque Misaki Shrine
  • The Cape Toi Visitor Center

How to Get There

Cape Toi is accessible by plane or train from Tokyo and Osaka.

From Tokyo, you can reach the cape in a little over four hours by air, or around 12 hours by train. The journey is much shorter if you are coming from Osaka. It's three and a half hours by air, or about five hours by train. Fly from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) or Kansai International Airport (Osaka) to Miyazaki Airport. From there, it's a short drive to Cape Toi.

By rail, head to Kokura Station on the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen, which takes approximately four and a half hours from Tokyo and two and a half hours from Osaka. From Kokura to Miyazaki Station on the JR Nippo Line your journey takes another five hours, then another two and a half hours for the last leg from Miyazaki to Kushima Station via the JR Nichinan Line.

See indigenous wild horses grazing freely

Cape Toi presents a singular sight to visitors—rugged volcanic coastal views in the background and wild, nationally protected horses in the foreground, with the vivid blue of the sky paired with the lush green grass of the hills.

You're free to get close to the horses for pictures, and they often come close to you as they seldom show any fear of humans. However, refrain from touching or feeding them.

Panoramic views from the lighthouse

The Cape Toi Lighthouse is an impressive landmark. Not only does it act as a warning beacon for ocean vessels, but it also offers you quite remarkable views along the vast, rocky coastline and deep into the open sea.

Learn about Cape Toi's history at the visitor center

Miyazaki has a significant place in the history of Japan. It used to be a samurai stronghold, and legend has it that the horses of Cape Toi were left abandoned by their samurai masters some 300 years ago. You can learn more about this story at the Cape Toi Visitor Center.

See a mountain shrine engulfed by jungle trees

Misaki-jinja Shrine was built on the mountain face of Cape Toi in the year 708. The shrine is surrounded by thousands of cycad trees, and the red of the shrine makes for a striking contrast with the green of the trees.

You can reach the foot of the mountain but due to recent mudslides, access to Misaki Shrine itself is prohibited.

Built and used by holy men in isolation lends the shrine a mysterious air. One of Miyazaki's most spectacular seaside shrines, it ranks with Aoshima-jinja Shrine and Udo-jinja Shrine for the views.

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