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Shikanoshima Island 志賀島

Kashii & Shikanoshima Island Area Kashii & Shikanoshima Island Area
Kashii & Shikanoshima Island Area Kashii & Shikanoshima Island Area

A scenic island that offers cycling, snorkeling, diving and spectacular views

Sweeping around Hakata Bay is Shikanoshima, an island connected to the Kyushu mainland by a long road that runs across a narrow spit of sand.

How to Get There

You can reach the island by train or ferry.

By train, travel for 25 minutes from Hakata to Saitozaki Station on the JR Kagoshima and Kashii lines.

A ferry service connects the Seaside Momochi (Marizon) area and the Uminonakamichi Tosenjo ferry terminal. There is also a ferry from Bayside Place to the Saitozaki Tosenjo ferry terminal.

Popular cycling site

The Shikanoshima area is a popular place for cyclists who venture out of the city to this somewhat secluded island. Visitors can also rent bikes from several stores on the island.

Shiomi Park

The highest point of the island is located in Shiomi Park, and the viewing tower built here offers views across Hakata Bay that are particularly enjoyable at night, when Fukuoka's coastline is illuminated.

Ideal spot for snorkeling

The island's beaches offer some good surf, and the abundance of tropical fish off the coast makes it an ideal spot for some snorkeling or even scuba diving.

The Kinin Golden Block Seal

The Kinin Golden Block Seal was discovered on Shikanoshima. It is recognized as a National Treasure, and a small park, known as Kinin Park, was created at the spot where it was found.

The seal, which is thought to be around 2,000 years old, was gifted to a Japanese envoy by Emperor Guangwu of Han, an ancient Chinese dynasty. The words Kanno-Wano-Nano-Kokuo (King of Japan, Chinese colony) are engraved on the seal, which is now housed in the Fukuoka Museum.

Marine World Umino-Nakamichi

On Uminonakamichi, the island preceding Shikanoshima, you will find Marine World Umino-Nakamichi, a large aquarium housing species of fish found in the waters to the north of Fukuoka. With advance reservations, you can scuba dive in the large panoramic water tank, which contains over 80 species of fish, including several species of shark.

Uminonakamichi also connects to the Seaside Momochi area via a 20-minute ferry that leaves from the Uminonakamichi Tosenjo ferry terminal.

Planning your journey

If you are traveling by train or car, take a moment to stop at Kashiigu, a shrine located in the Kashii area of Fukuoka. The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Chuai and Empress Jingu.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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