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Okukuji 奥久慈エリア

Oku-Kuji Area Oku-Kuji Area
Oku-Kuji Area Oku-Kuji Area

Mountains, a four-tiered waterfall, and hiking trails to deep gorges

The Okukuji area is located in the northernmost part of Ibaraki Prefecture, where the Kuji River flows from north to south passing Mt. Yamizo, cutting deep valleys covered in lush foliage. Its stunning natural beauty is tucked away deep in the picturesque mountain country.

How to Get There

Okukuji is accessible by JR train.

Take the limited express train on the JR Joban Line for a little over an hour from Ueno Station to Mito Station. Ride the JR Suigun Line for 80 minutes from Mito Station to Fukuroda Station, or 85 minutes from Mito Station to Hitachi-Daigo Station.

Quick Facts

Mt. Yamizo is Ibaraki's highest peak, standing at 1,022 meters

Home to Fukuroda Falls, a four-tiered waterfall

Fukuroda Falls

Fukuroda Falls is one of the area's biggest attractions. It is 120 meters high and 73 meters wide, with water cascading down four levels. It is beautiful in any season and freezes over in winter, creating a delicate, glass-like sculpture.

The colors of the seasons

In the fall, the Okukuji area is vibrant with brilliant red and gold leaves, and bursting with green during the summer. Springtime finds the land filled with the many colors of blooming flowers, and in winter, it's a snow-covered wonderland with massive hanging icicles.

Camp, climb, fish and bathe

The Okukuji area offers excellent camping, mountain climbing, and fishing. Trails take you right up to the waterfalls or along the rims of the area's many gorges. The area is dotted with spas and resorts.

Spectacular views

You can also hike up Mt. Yamizo. Ibaraki's highest peak offers spectacular views not only of the area but also of Tochigi and Fukushima prefectures. At its summit is Yamizomine-jinja Shrine and Nichirinji Temple.

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