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A symbol of Gunma

Mt. Akagi is one of the Jomo Sanzan, or Three Famous Mountains of Gunma, along with Mt. Myogi and Mt. Haruna. It is at the northern edge of the Kanto plain, which means you can see it quite easily from most prefectures in the Kanto area, including Saitama, Tokyo and Tochigi.

How to Get There

From JR Maebashi Station, it is a 70-minute bus ride. Get off at Mt. Akagi bus stop.

From Tokyo, take the JR Joetsu or Hokuriku Shinkansen to Takasaki Station (50 minutes) and change to the JR Ryomo Line to Maebashi Station (15 minutes).

Quick Facts

Mt. Akagi is a 1,828-meter dormant volcano

It has been mentioned in many manga, animations, and films

Many of the battleships in WWII were named after the mountains in Japan. Akagi was a prominent flagship aircraft carrier

Unique characteristics of Mt. Akagi

Mt. Akagi is characterized by its long, gentle slopes and numerous peaks that often have a sprinkle of snow in winter, just like sugar icing.

Lake Onuma

At Lake Onuma, the main crater lake on Mt. Akagi, you can enjoy camping, fishing, and boating during the summer. Around May, you can enjoy a four-kilometer hiking course around Lake Onuma and marvel at the mountain vegetation and spring flowers in bloom.

In winter, the lake freezes over and you can bore holes in the frozen surface of the lake to fish for a small fish called smelt.

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