One of the Three Mountains of Boso

Along with Mt. Nokogiri and Mt. Kiyosumi, Mt. Kano is one of Chiba's Three Mountains of Boso .

The westernmost of the three, it's Chiba's second-highest mountain at 380 meters high and offers breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo Bay. It's less than an hour and a half by train from Tokyo and is part of the Minami-Boso Quasi-National Park.

How to Get There

From Tokyo, it takes less than two hours by train.

Take the JR Keiyo-Uchibo Line limited express from Tokyo to Sanuki-machi Station, then take the bus from Sanuki-machi Station to Kano-zan.

99 valleys

Views from the top look down over the thick pine forested Kujukutani Valley to the misty blue hills beyond. The name Kujukutani means 99 valleys and the hazy scenery was the object of Japanese artist Kaii Higashiyama's famous piece "Afterglow."

The valley's colors change throughout the year, offering colorful blooming flowers during the spring and gold and orange hues during the fall.

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