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Nakasu 中洲

Nakasu & Tenjin Area Nakasu & Tenjin Area
Nakasu & Tenjin Area Nakasu & Tenjin Area

Welcome to Nakasu—the entertainment capital of Fukuoka

The Nakasu area is Fukuoka's entertainment heartland. Come nightfall, you will find the area filled with eateries, food stalls, and people looking for night-time entertainment.

How to Get There

Nakasu is accessible by subway. Take Fukuoka's Kuko Line to Nakasu-Kawabata Station.

You can also access the area by bus. Many buses connecting Hakata and Tenjin typically stop in the Nakasu area, but check before you board because some don't.

Don't Miss

  • Rub shoulders with Fukuoka locals over some of the city's best street food at the yatai stalls
  • Top-quality theatrical performances by some of Japan's most renowned actors and actresses at Hakataza Theatre
  • Nakasu is lively at night and is lined with Fukuoka food

Nakasu's features

Nakasu is a small island in the middle of the city of Fukuoka , with the Nakagawa River to the west and the Hakatagawa River to the east. Many restaurants and bars are crammed into this tiny area

Don't miss the food stalls, which open every night around 6 p.m. and stay open until around midnight. Part of the stalls can be found in the southern part of Nakasu along the edge of the Nakagawa River, and are open year round.

Art, culture and festival wonders

Nakasu and its surrounding area are home to some of Fukuoka's artistic hotspots. Notable mentions include the Hakataza Theatre and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum , both linked directly to Nakasu-Kawabata Station.

To the southeast of Nakasu, Canal City provides one of Fukuoka's most unique shopping experiences, and an architectural wonder. This large shopping mall has a daily show of music and lights that takes place around the fountain.

Not far from Canal City is Kushida-jinja, one of Fukuoka's most revered shrines. The grounds of the shrine contain an ornate, 13-meter-tall float used in the annual Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival . Next to the shrine is the entrance to the shopping arcade, Kawabata Street.

Quaint shopping arcade

Another of these Yamakasa floats is located in the Kawabata Shopping Arcade. The shops in this arcade are a stark contrast to the hundreds of other shops that line the center of Nakasu.

Many of the shops here sell traditional Japanese products, clothing, items, art and sweets. Most shops shut their doors in the evening, so it's recommended to visit the arcade during the day.

Caution at night

Note to avid night owls: always find out how much it costs before entering a bar, as you may suddenly find your money disappearing faster than expected.

Photograph(s) provided by Fukuoka City

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