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Oze National Park (Tochigi) 尾瀬国立公園

OzeNationalPark_1 OzeNationalPark_1
OzeNationalPark_1 OzeNationalPark_1

A beautiful, unspoiled marshland plateau high in the mountains

Oze National Park is an expansive marshland situated between two massive mountains. Most of the park area is in Gunma , but some sections are in Tochigi , Fukushima and Niigata .

How to Get There

The best way to get to the park is by direct bus from Tokyo or Nikko .

From late-May to mid-October, you can take a direct bus from Shinjuku Station, which takes about four hours.

From May to late-October, there are buses running from the Yumoto Onsen bus stop in Nikko to Tokura. Depending on the bus, you may have to change buses at the Kamada bus stop. The bus ride to Tokura takes about an hour and a half.

Hikers along wooden walking boards over the wetland

Best seasons to visit

In the summer, millions of yellow skunk cabbage flowers and lilies bloom across the wetlands.

Flower blooms across Oze National Park

Fall reveals an incredible mixture of colors at Oze National Park . Tall grasses turn burned-orange and birch trees become yellow, while most of the pines remain green.

Beautiful array of colors at Oze National Park in the fall

The park area is very well maintained and offers many features, such as walking boards over the wetland, and lodges for visitors. Stay for at least one night to fully enjoy Oze National Park .

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