Aquas Aquarium 島根県立しまね海洋館 アクアス

Aquas Aquarium
Aquas Aquarium

Seals, sea-lions, sharks, Beluga whales, and penguins at this world-class aquarium

Over 400 species of marine creatures of all sizes are on view here in a wide variety of environments spread over three floors.

How to Get There

A short walk from Hashi Station.

A wide parklike path leads you from Hashi Station to Aquas Aquarium in a few minutes.

Discover the wide variety of fish and sea life

The first exhibit you come to after entering is a shallow pool filled with multi-colored starfish, hermit crabs, and sea urchins. You are invited to reach into the water and touch them.

The next tanks focus on the local waters of the Sea of Japan, with an intriguing cylindrical tank filled with flying fish. Then there are tanks with sea life from different areas of the world, such as coral reefs and the tropical waters of the Amazon and Africa.

The submarine tunnel, with its large pool of sharks swimming above you, makes a thrilling walk.

Beluga whales: The stars of the show

The icons of Aquas are the white Beluga whales, some of whom were born here. They perform fantastic tricks in regular shows, but you may find watching them swim from the indoor to the outdoor pool very relaxing.

There are also pools and tanks with four different species of penguin. Feeding time is popular, and in one section, you can walk underneath the pool to see them “flying” through the water.

Aquas Land play area

Behind the aquarium building is a large park with a massive adventure play area. For adults, there is a lovely and quiet conservatory, numerous eateries and a performance area that regularly hosts Iwami Kagura , regional style traditional plays.

Before you leave, walk over the pedestrian bridge and spend some time enjoying the pristine white sand beach, part of the Iwami Seaside Park .


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