Negoroji Temple 根來寺

Neogoroji Temple Neogoroji Temple
Neogoroji Temple Neogoroji Temple

Vestiges of religious power on a sacred mountain

Negoroji Temple is a complex of buildings nestled in the sacred Katsuragi Mountains . The temple and its pagoda are beautiful, especially with the seasonal colors of spring and fall.

How to Get There

The temple complex can be accessed by a 10-minute bus ride from Iwade Station on the JR Wakayama Line. It is also possible to access the site via bus from Kii Station. Disembark at the Negoroji stop.

The JR Wakayama Line connects the prefectures of Nara and Wakayama . Iwade Station is located seven stops away from the hub station Wakayama.

Warrior monks of the mountain

During the Muromachi Period (1336-1573), the temple's warrior-monks became skilled in the use of firearms, and the temple's power grew until the Daimyo, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, became fearful. Out of almost 2,700 original buildings, just a handful remain after wars and fires.

Explore a national treasure

The largest wooden pagoda in Japan stands on the temple grounds, undamaged since 1547. It was spared during Toyotomi's siege. You can walk inside the pagoda and see statues designated as important cultural properties in the main halls.

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