Bungo Takada Showa no Machi 昭和の町 豊後高田

Showa no Machi in Bungo Takada Showa no Machi in Bungo Takada
Showa no Machi in Bungo Takada Showa no Machi in Bungo Takada

An authentic, nostalgic slice of 1950s and 1960s Japan, right down to the products you'd buy

Established as a tourist destination in 2002, Bungo Takada Showa no Machi was created to show what Japan was like in the fifties and sixties.

Quick Facts

The town has some fascinating retro billboards

The Toy Museum and 1960s Everyday Life Museum feature more than 50,000 rare items from the period

A free area tour in an old-fashioned bus is available on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

How to Get There

Bungo Takada Showa no Machi can be reached by bus via Usa Station, which is served by the Nippo Honsen Line that connects Usa and Hakata. It can also be reached by taxi from Usa Station, which takes around 10 minutes.

Step back in time

There is a shopping arcade here that promises an authentic shopping experience from the 1950s, not just in look but in the products available as well. These include appliances, gadgets, and toys from the 1950s.

Visit the Kumano Magaibutsu nearby

Atop a flight of rugged steep steps is the Kumano Magaibutsu stone Buddha, an Important Cultural Property of Japan. Make the 20-minute car trip for the sight of this massive stone face, which dates back to the eighth century.

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