Isshingyo Park Cherry Blossoms 一心行公園の大桜

O Sakura at Isshingyo Park-SPR
O Sakura at Isshingyo Park-SPR

See the famous 400-year-old sakura tree come alive in Isshingyo Park

Isshingyo Park in Minami-Aso, Kumamoto , is one of the top places in the country to view cherry blossom in the spring. If you find yourself in Kyushu during March, you have to try and catch the blossoms.

Don't Miss

  • Cherry blossom milk pudding
  • Three-colored sakura dango rice sweets
  • Vibrantly colored chirashi sushi bowls
  • Inari sushi pocket snacks sold around the area

How to Get There

You can reach Isshingyo Park by car, or by public transport such as buses or trains from Kumamoto City followed by a 15-minute walk to the park.

The drive takes about two hours from downtown Kumamoto, and free parking is available. However, traffic is heavy during sakura season, when public transport is recommended.

If traveling by train, the nearest stations are Hakusui Kogen or Nakamatsu on the Minamiaso Line.

One of the best hanami events in the country

Of course, all of the cherry blossoms at Isshingyo Park are fantastic, but the park is home to one particularly famous cherry tree. It's an absolute giant, measuring over 14 meters tall, and said to be over 400 years old.

Spring is one of the best times to be in Japan when the nationwide cherry blossom celebrations see the country erupt with parties and joy as the sakura trees burst into bloom. Come with friends, family, or anyone and head to the park to enjoy some quality time outside enjoying food and drinks.

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