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Kumamoto Castle Festival くまもとお城まつり

Kumamoto Castle Autumn Festival Kumamoto Castle Autumn Festival
Kumamoto Castle Autumn Festival Kumamoto Castle Autumn Festival

©Kumamoto Castle General Office

The show goes on in spite of recent events

Kumamoto hit the headlines in 2016 when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake rocked the city. Kumamoto Castle saw walls collapsing, turrets damaged, and roof tiles flung to the earth. Despite outward appearances of normalcy, estimates are that restorations will take two decades to complete. However, there's still plenty to enjoy at the Kumamoto Castle Festival.

©Kumamoto Castle General Office

Don't Miss

  • The taiko, or Japanese drum, event
  • Local food and drink shops
  • Kimono stroll and dress-up

How to Get There

Kumamoto Castle is accessible by public transit.

From Kumamoto Station, head to Hanabatacho Station. From there, it's a 10-minute walk to the castle and Ninomaru Field, where many of the events are held. Many of the festivities are held on the Ninomaru field next to Kumamoto Castle .

Enjoy performances and food

As many of the events of the festival take place on the field next to the castle, it still is able to go ahead despite the damage. Performances and events differ year on year, but you can always find a variety of food shops serving up traditional treats and local delicacies.

Japanese Drum Performance

The top performance every year at the Kumamoto Castle Festival is the Taiko drumming. Taking place in the early evening as the sun is setting, with the castle as a glorious backdrop, the performance sees dozens of groups taking to the stage for a truly captivating performance. The music is fiery, upbeat, engaging, and heart-poundingly brilliant. This is the best event to witness the spirit of Kumamoto .

Other Celebrations

Past events which have also taken place during the festival include kimono strolls where you can try on traditional Japanese kimono, concerts, traditional art performances, martial arts display, quizzes, Noh theater performances, tea ceremonies and dances.

The latest information may differ, so please check the official website.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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