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Hachinohe Enburi Festival 八戸えんぶり

A three-day festival that celebrates spring's arrival with special folk dances

Hachinohe, a city on the coast of Aomori Prefecture , celebrates the coming of spring with an event called Hachinohe Enburi in mid-February.

Don't Miss

  • The enburi dances, which are a National Important Intangible Folk Property of Japan
  • The eboshi hats that are shaped like a horse's neck
  • The Kagaribi-enburi dances at night by bonfires

How to Get There

Hachinohe Enburi is held in the city center of Hachinohe, the second-largest city in Aomori Prefecture , and can be reached by train plus a short walk.

Hachinohe City can be accessed by Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo. Get off at Hachinohe Station and transfer to the Hachinohe Line. Hon-Hachinohe Station, the closest station to where the event is held, is located two stops away from Hachinohe Station.

The central festival locations of Hachinohe Public Hall and the stage in front of the City Office are a short walk from Hon-Hachinohe Station, and Chojasan Shinra-jinja is a 20-minute walk from Hon-Hachinohe Station.

Farm tools to festivals

The Hachinohe Enburi is believed to have started during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). Some retainers of the Nanbu clan's founder, Mitsuyuki Nanbu, were said to have started a drunken dance holding farm tools and celebrating rice-planting. This eventually led to the creation of the enburi dances.

Fast and slow

There are two types of enburi dances, Naga-enburi and Dosai-enburi. The Naga-enburi are slow and graceful, while the Dosai-enburi are lively and full of energy.

Both are performed by dancers wearing colorful costumes with the long, horse neck-shaped eboshi hat on top. The costumes and dances are a designated National Important Intangible Folk Property of Japan.

A fiery celebration every night

The festival closes each night with a bonfire, held in the public square in front of Hachinohe City Office. The performances at night have a dreamlike quality that is distinct from the events held all day.

Try the piping-hot amazake—a sweet, fermented rice drink—and Hachinohe senbei soup; these traditional treats will help you imagine yourself as a lord or lady in ancient Japan.

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