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Hachinohe Enburi Festival 八戸えんぶり

A three-day festival that celebrates spring's arrival with special folk dances

Hachinohe, a city on the coast of Aomori Prefecture , celebrates the coming of spring with an event called Hachinohe Enburi in mid-February.

Don't Miss

  • The enburi dances, which are a National Important Intangible Folk Property of Japan
  • The eboshi hats that are shaped like a horse's neck
  • The Kagaribi-enburi dances at night by bonfires

How to Get There

Hachinohe Enburi is held in the city center of Hachinohe, the second-largest city in Aomori Prefecture , and can be reached by train plus a short walk.

Hachinohe City can be accessed by Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo. Get off at Hachinohe Station and transfer to the Hachinohe Line. Hon-Hachinohe Station, the closest station to where the event is held, is located two stops away from Hachinohe Station.

The central festival locations of Shinra-inja Shrine, Hachinohe Public Hall, and the stage in front of the City Office are all a 15-minute walk from Hon-Hachinohe Station.

Farm tools to festivals

The Hachinohe Enburi is believed to have started during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). Some retainers of the Nanbu clan's founder, Mitsuyuki Nanbu, were said to have started a drunken dance holding farm tools and celebrating rice-planting. This eventually led to the creation of the enburi dances.

Fast and slow

There are two types of enburi dances, Naga-enburi and Dosai-enburi. The Naga-enburi are slow and graceful, while the Dosai-enburi are lively and full of energy.

Both are performed by dancers wearing colorful costumes with the long, horse neck-shaped eboshi hat on top. The costumes and dances are a designated National Important Intangible Folk Property of Japan.

A fiery celebration every night

The festival closes each night with a bonfire, held in the public square in front of Hachinohe City Office. The performances at night have a dreamlike quality that is distinct from the events held all day.

Try the piping-hot amazake—a sweet, fermented rice drink—and Hachinohe senbei soup; these traditional treats will help you imagine yourself as a lord or lady in ancient Japan.

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