Kuramoto Aya Shusen no Mori 蔵元 綾 酒泉の杜

Kuramoto Aya Shusen No Mori
Kuramoto Aya Shusen No Mori

Sample some of Miyazaki's finest alcoholic beverages at a lush forest winery

Tucked away in a forested valley in southern Kyushu, Shusen No Mori is a great place to taste some of Miyazaki's most beloved alcoholic beverages and local specialties. You can also take a tour of the complex and see how everything is made.

Don't Miss

  • The free samples of wine, sake, shochu, and beer
  • The tour of the sake brewery and shochu distillery
  • A trip to nearby Aya Castle and its "craft castle"

How to Get There

Reach Shusen No Mori by car or bus.

By car, drive straight from Miyazaki Station down Route 10. Go over the big Oyodo River bridge and then turn right soon after onto Route 17. That will take you all the way to Aya.

Buses to the facility depart from Miyazaki Station. The ride takes about an hour; disembark at the “Shusen no Mori” bus stop.

Sake and shochu every day

Shusen no Mori offers daily tastings of shochu, a local alcoholic spirit made from either sweet potato, black sugar or grain, similar to vodka. Other beverages include sake (rice wine), wine and beer; you're also able to purchase foods and other specialties.

Rounding out your visit

The facility is part of a complex that houses a museum that exhibits samurai armor, swords, and ancient documents. Local artisans produce textiles, wood and bamboo products, and pottery. You can also take pottery, weaving, or traditional dyeing classes at the nearby International Craft Castle.

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