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Yuki-jinja Shrine 由岐神社

Yuki-jinja Shrine Yuki-jinja Shrine
Yuki-jinja Shrine Yuki-jinja Shrine

Protector of Kurama

Yuki-jinja Shrine was moved to Kurama in 940 from downtown Kyoto to protect the area from evil. Dotted with ancient cedars, it is a beautiful oasis in the northern mountains.

How to Get There

Yuki-jinja Shrine is easy to reach by train.

From Kyoto Station , take the JR Nara Line to Tofukuji Station, then change to the Keihan Line and ride to Demachiyanagi Station. From there, take the Eizan Kurama Line to Kurama Station. Yuki-jinja is just a short walk from the station.

Intricate Design

The shrine sits at the base of Mt. Kurama on the grounds of Kuramadera Temple , although it is a separate entity. It features many intricately designed structures from the Momoyama period (1568-1598).

A sacred cedar

One of the most memorable features of Yuki-jinja Shrine is a monolithic 800-year-old cedar which stands 53 meters tall in front of the main hall. It is believed to be a yorishiro, an object that attracts kami, or spirits, in Shinto Buddhism.

To mark it as a sacred object, the tree is wrapped with a shimenawa, or rope, which is decorated with paper streamers. The ancient cedar is thought to be imbued with special powers and make dreams come true to those who pray to it.

Kurama Fire festival

The famous Kurama Fire Festival honors Yuki-jinja Shrine. This dramatic festival occurs on October 22. It begins at sundown, when men of the village light heavy torches and parade through the village, ending at the shrine.

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